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Dryer Vent Inspection

Where it all begins. We will evaluate your dryer vent construction, code compliance and cleanliness. We’ll listen to your concerns, identify any issues and offer solutions to any problems that are discovered.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our specialty. Unlike many providers out there with “one size fits all” approaches, we have a wide variety of specialized tools and equipment available to thoroughly clean any dryer duct. No matter how long your run is, or where it is located we come prepared. We can remove lint clogs, bird nests, old socks, construction debris and anything else which may be impeding airflow and preventing your dryer from operating at peak efficiency.

Dryer Vent Repair

We often find dryer vents assembled with outdated materials or with construction that is not code compliant. Sometimes we find vents that become disconnected somewhere within the home, or a transition duct between the dryer and the wall that is crushed or not attached properly. Any of these common problems will reduce the efficiency of your dryer and put you at increased risk of fire. We arrive at each job with the tools, equipment and knowledge required to address these issues.

Dryer Vent Installation

Whether you’ve moved the dryer to a new location, the dryer venting is routed in a way that reduces its efficiency, or if the materials used on your dryer vent construction aren’t up to the task, sometimes it makes sense to start fresh. We can install an entirely new ventilation system that is safe, efficient and code compliant.
Why Do You Need a SAFE DRYERS Service?
According to FEMA, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year, causing an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. Failure to clean is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires.
Clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to run. A clogged or poorly constructed dryer vent will increase drying times and energy consumption, costing you money. It may also damage or destroy your dryer!
Clothes taking 2, 3 or more cycles to dry? Every time you dry a load of clothes up to a gallon of water is exhausted through the dryer vent. If that water can’t escape, your clothes won’t dry. We regularly cut people’s drying times significantly.
Before/After SAFE DRYERS

Customer Reviews

Tanner C.

Boulder, CO

Saul was incredible to work with! I had indoor dryer venting and Saul designed an efficient and low maintenance solution to have my dryer vent outside my home. He went above and beyond with the rerouting of my system and I can't recommend Saul and Safe Dryers enough! Very professional and awesome people!

Judy K.

I live in an apartment with dryer ductwork that is over 45 feet long. It hadn’t been cleaned in at least 10 years and my dryer stopped working properly. After having two other companies come out, Saul at SafeDryers was recommended. He arrived on time and quickly discovered the problem — a huge ball of lint blocking the vent. After clearing away the problem, he discussed a maintenance schedule based on my household.

Kathy M.

Erie, CO

Saul was really great to work with. He's friendly, professional, and reasonably priced. He did a great job and educated us on what we need to do to take care of our dryer vents in the future. Will definitely use his services again and recommend him to friends!

Scott L.

Louisville, CO

Great guys, very professional. They arrived right on time and went right to work. I especially liked the before and after pictures. I had them do the dryer vent while they were there and it was amazing how much lint they pulled out.

Valarie B.

Boulder, CO

The dryer wasn't drying and the appliance guy said to clean out the ducts. I called Safe Dryers, got hold of someone right away and they came out the next day. Nice guys, cheerful people and undaunted by what came out the the duct. I'll use them again (hopefully won't have to for a while...)

Adam K.

Denver, CO

I needed to have a dryer duct cleaned on relatively short notice. Saul responded to my request for a quote within minutes and was able to get me in for one of the first appointments in the morning. He was fast and friendly, and I wouldn't hesitate to have him come back out in the future if I ever need any other ducts cleaned.

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